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Grey Bruce Tree Workers

Grey Bruce Tree Workers is a full-service arborist company with a straightforward approach to achieving your property's forestry goals. We believe in having one arborist handle the job from its conception on paper, to the realization on your property. The reason; by doing this you are able to communicate and work with a single individual, where you can share your thoughts and idea's with to bring them, in collaboration, to life.

Our team is made up of a group of highly skilled professionals who pay a lot of attention to small details. In the 30+ years of experience our staff keep your property looking and functioning beautifully. We're also certified and carry liability and workers compensation.

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Started the Company
Almost six years ago we started as a company with two men. Not much later another professional climber joined the team and from that point we began to grow fast.
Second Location
The last years we grew very quickly, so 2015 was the year we opened a second location. The new location is right on highway 21 between Port Elgin & Southampton, Ontario.
Wood Slab Business
Until the year 2015, we always sold only as firewood. But last winter we invested in a dedicated wide slabbing sawmill. One of the only companies in the area to be able to achieve such wide cuts!

The Staff

Zack Weiler


Zack began his career as an arborist as an apprentice in Toronto. Working in the old growth neighbourhoods of Forest Hill, Rosedale and The Beaches. He trained in Humber north campus and later moved back to his home town region of Grey/Bruce county (specifically Walkerton) and started this company.

Bo Illie


Bo is the lead hand at Grey Bruce Tree. He's proven to be a valuable asset and incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture. He was raised in the beaches of Toronto, studied arboriculture at Humber college and has become a seasoned arborist, capable of the most advanced work in the industry.

Dean Mccutcheon


Dean helps us with larger jobs where heavy equipment is needed to haul out heavy material. He also owns a contracting company for home improvements and also a specialty company for ground screw technology. Advanced foundation solutions for all soil types.

Pat Reid


Pat worked with Bo and Zack and also trained them daily for years before they became the arborists they are today. Bo and Zack still consult with Pat on a regular basis regarding many aspects in the arboriculture industry.


Frank Anderson


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We are hiring Apprentices

Are you interested in the arboriculture industry? We pride ourselves in taking on enthusiastic learning from all backgrounds. If you're interested in the industry and eager to learn, call us today.


At Grey Bruce Tree we offer:
 Full time employment
 Paid apprenticeship program
 A chance to get involved in a growing industry


+ Trees Inspected
+ Satisfied Clients
m2 Stumps Removed
+ Arborists Consulted