Professional Arborist Tree Service
Serving Midwestern Ontario
Mon-Sun: 07:00 - 17:00

Trees require care to remain healthy, just like humans. So why not take care of them like you take care of yourself? This kind of maintenance will preserve your tree to have a longer life and help to sustain your property value. Read about all of our specific services our team can offer for your trees’ health.


Sometimes we have clients that notice large cracks in the trunks of their large trees and they want us to remove the entire tree. What they aren't aware of is the common practice of cabling trees with very strong aircraft cable. This reduced the chance of catastrophic failure and also extends the life of your tree by holding it together in harsh winds and compensating for the crack in the wood.


When trees get too thick and bushy, they cant get rid of diseases and pests as easily because the wind isn't able to blow it out. Also, moisture can build up and cause fungus or other problems. Thinning out your tree's canopy with proper pruning methods is a great way to help extend your trees healthy life.


Key Benefits of the Service

Taking care of your trees is the key to preserving their lushness and beauty. Taking an arborists advice to achieve your goals is integral to achieve your long term plans for your trees, but also the surrounding organisms on your property.

  Extend the life of your most cherished trees
  Your property value increases many times initial value
  Predict and prevent catastrophic failures
  Assess risk management to achieve peace of mind
  Choose the right course of action for your own specific goals